Do you know Broadway Prescription Shop also offers pharmacy services to
long-term care and assisted living facilities? We help you give your residents the same personalized care for life we give our customers.

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You may have bigger choices when it comes to your pharmacy needs, but we are certain you will not find better choices than the personalized service we give everyone who comes into Broadway Prescription Shop. Specialized packaging, custom compounding, free delivery, private consultations to review your medications and answer your questions are just a few of the complimentary services we gladly provide to ensure you and those you love remain as healthy as possible. Personalized care for life is not just a slogan; it's the only way we do business.  

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Take a few seconds to create an account OR request refills without one. We like to think these new services are a little like us--convenient, easy to work with, and eager to serve our customers!

Just two blocks from the campus of Southeast Missouri State University, Broadway Prescription Shop is the pharmacy preferred by students and their parents. But we’re not just popular on campus. By going above and beyond the needs of the patient, we have earned such distinctions as #1 Pharmacy in Cape Girardeau, the Business of Excellence Award and recognition in America's Pharmacist, a nationwide magazine.


There’s a reason we have been in business for 80 years. Our commitment to 'personalized care for life' ensures we provide individualized, attentive customer service that can’t be found anywhere else. That is why we offer so many packaging options for medication, and why WE call YOU when it’s time for refills. We also compound drugs for individuals (and their pets!) who may need multiple medications combined into one easy-to-swallow liquid. Our services include: 


Free, same-day delivery within the Cape Girardeau city limits
Compounded prescriptions tailor made for you
The Personal Pack that takes the guesswork out of taking or giving medication
Simplify My Meds—simplify your life by getting all of your prescriptions filled at the same time
Vaccinations and immunizations given by a R.N. with no prescription required
Diabetic footwear, lancets meters, test strips and other supplies to control diabetes
Ostomy supplies, which we will also gladly deliver at no cost.


Please call or come in with any questions. Our staff includes pharmacists, a R.N., a Medicare specialist, and a team of helpful techs eager to assist you.

The Personal Pack is another way we are personalizing our services for you.  With the Personal Pack you should never have to worry again about whether you or your loved one has taken their medication thanks to the Personal Pack. 

Every oral medication will be put into a weekly blister pack that is divided by day and time.  No more counting pills or nagging doubt.  A quick glance at the Personal Pack indicates whether the medication has been taken.  The Personal Pack is offered at no extra charge.

We are proud to offer FREE delivery of all prescription medications to your home, office or to the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.  When you are sick, injured, the weather is bad, or you just don't have time for another errand, let us help you!  Now our delivery drivers can accept debit and credit cards! 

Look for our delivery car, the "Pillbox" to see us in action!

Did you know poison control awareness started within the walls of Broadway Prescription Shop?

Our founder, Homer George, was passionate about raising awareness on the matter.  He knew the best way to prevent accidental poisonings was to prevent them.  He pushed a city proclamation, signed by then Cape mayor Walter Ford, to name the first ever Poison Prevention week in the country, in Cape Girardeau in October of 1958.  His efforts didn't stop there.  Missouri's governor expanded the declaration on a state level.  George then took it to the federal level where Congressman Paul Jones introduced legislation, later signed by President John F.  Kennedy on September 26, 1961, that created a National Poison Prevention week. 
On this 50th anniversary of National Poison Prevention week, it's still a fight worth fighting.  Today, more than two million poisonings are reported each year across the country.  Broadway Prescription Shop wants to honor Mr. George's legacy and share his passion, with hopes of preventing accidental poisonings in your home. 

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For information on preventing poisoning in your home
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