Broadway Pharmacy, LTC
is the long-term care division of Broadway Prescription Shop.
We can take care of medication services in an assisted living setting.
Call us at 573.803.2040 to learn how we can serve you, your loved one,
or your facility. Learn more

It's like having a single prescription!

At Broadway Prescription Shop, we can reduce your stress and save you time by filling all of your prescriptions once a month, all on the same day

How it works:

A week or so prior to your prescription getting refilled, you will receive a phone call from our pharmacy confirming which prescriptions are needed
We call your doctor for refills or work with your insurance companies to eliminate hassles
We ensure you are taking the right medications each month by checking with you and your doctor to eliminate confusion
Your prescriptions are ready for pick-up or delivery before you run out


One convenient monthly refill date for all prescriptions
Less phone calls to the pharmacy
Less phone calls to your doctor for refills
Fewer trips to the pharmacy
No worries about running out of medication
Fewer hassles with insurance carriers
Prescriptions are ready on your refill day
It's easy, convenient, and best of all, FREE!

Contact our MedSync Coordinator, Melissa Hoehne, today at 573-335-8207 to sign up.



710 Broadway | Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
ph: 573.335.8207 | fax: 573.335.4904



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